William Dzurilla

Counsel, Miami

William Dzurilla has extensive experience in prosecuting and defending complex civil matters. He represents clients in commercial cases, including securities, RICO, antitrust, banking, construction, and insurance. He has tried and mediated cases in federal and state courts and has served as an arbitrator and mediator. He also has handled several of the largest and most complicated mergers, acquisitions and privatizations in the history of the Slovak Republic.  His work as a law clerk at all levels of the federal judiciary, including a year with Justice Byron White at the U.S. Supreme Court, led to expertise in constitutional law and federal civil procedure.  Bill’s successful defense of a First Amendment challenge to the constitutionality of seven federal, state, and local school aid programs culminated with a U.S. Supreme Court decision overruling previous authority. His advocacy also led to a unanimous Louisiana Supreme Court decision finding Louisiana’s forum non conveniens statute contrary to the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, an appellate decision striking down Louisiana’s Any Willing Provider statute as preempted by ERISA, and a U.S. Fifth Circuit opinion overturning a criminal mail fraud conviction on Double Jeopardy grounds. In 1990 Bill was an advisor to Boris Yeltsin and the Russian Constitutional Commission in the drafting of Russia’s first non-communist constitution.

  • Successful defense of Barclays in a $12 billion claim arising from Barclays’ acquisition of the North American business of Lehman Brothers

  • Representation of a family to recover a famous painting that was stolen by the Nazis from their grandparents and later acquired by a Spanish museum

  • Representation of the families of 9/11 victims to recover damages from Iran and Iranian entities that assisted the terrorists

  • Prosecution and defense of various matters for NextEra, including winning summary judgment on a contract for the purchase of Australian uranium

  • Successful defense of a company accused of bribing a Chinese government official

  • Serving as class counsel in a nationwide class action against an Amway/Quixtar pyramid scheme, which resulted in a $50 million settlement

  • Tulane University Law School, J.D.; summa cum laude, 1981

  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette, B.A., magna cum laude, History, 1978

  • Florida
  • Associate Justice Byron R. White, United States Supreme Court, 1982-1983

  • Hon. Albert Tate, United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, 1981-82

  • Hon. Edward Boyle, Sr., U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, 1980-81